Sunday, August 06, 2006

An Angel Who Changed My Life…

She came…She smiled…She conquered…”

In our lives, we come across many people of many types. Some who stay in contact with you for a long time but still fail to make an impact, some who are there for a small period, but still are able to leave an everlasting impression…
Well, she was one of those latter kinds of people I talked about.
I had joined this college late and was new, so was she (she joined even later than I). When I saw her, the first thing I noticed about her was her radiant smile. She always seemed to be so full of enthusiasm and zeal that you couldn’t help noticing. Soon, she became the flavor of the class, with loads of friends around her. But, I and another friend of ours shared a special relationship with her. We three were an inseparable group. We used to spend our evenings sitting in the CCD near our college, talking about anything and everything…. oh! How we savored those moments of togetherness. Sometimes we even used to sit in the library (when she used to drag the two of us there for the assignments and studies). We used to have long discussions over many cups of coffees, making the tagline of CCD a reality – “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”.
It was she who brought us into the in-circle of the class. Still, we preferred her company to anyone else. We three used to hang out for hours together. I had the privilege of spending more time with her, as she was in my group of one of the subjects; in fact the group consisted of the two of us only (how this happened is another story which I will tell you all sometime later).
The two of us used to be at my place for hours together, doing the assignments over numerous cups of coffee, which she used to make. I learnt the art of making amazing coffee from her. There are numerous events that are coming to my mind right now that I want to write about, each having it’s own place in my treasure of memories of the time spent with her, be it the fights we used to have over the answers and interpretations of the assignments, be it the presentation we gave together, or be it the discussions we had over coffee. Well, she and our other friend had a common interest in the Ayn Rand philosophy, most of the time discussing about it, while I was the lone fighter of the Alchemist philosophy. These discussions used to be the major part of our CCD visits.
She taught me many a things, showed me a new way to look at things. It seems now as if she was sent into my life to bring me out of my shell and look at the beauty of the world around me.
One thing she was crazy about was, “chicken”. She just couldn’t resist the temptation. She used to take us to various restaurants for it, it was another thing that she never used to have more than a piece or two, for which we used to tease her also.
She used to find happiness in the smallest of things. You could make her happy by just offering her a bar of chocolate or a cup of coffee (yeah! She was crazy about coffee).
She used to be there whenever I needed her. Many a times, she would be consoling us on our poor internal marks, (yeah, at CCD and over few more cups of coffee).
Everything was going fine, when suddenly I felt alone. She was not there! She was gone! For none so ever a reason, she had left. She was gone from my life. After teaching my how to live, I think her job was done here and she left for another one in need like me.
I still can’t forget the day when I got a phone call from one of my friends, informing me about her sudden bereavement. I was really taken aback! She left a vacant space in my life, which can never be filled by anyone.
Finally, I would like to end with a few lines from one of her favorite songs…

“She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes
And she can ruin your faith
with her casual lies
And she only reveals
what she wants you to see
She hides like a child
But she's always a woman to me”
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